Pasta reduces Strokes!!

Pasta reduces strokes

December 11, 2013

One portion of whole grain pasta mixed with an equivalent portion of fresh salad may reduce the stroke risk by a significant amount. This statement comes from British scientists who have dealt with the issue of healthy eating and healthy diets and who have performed a research on the correlation of fiber and strokes.

As the scientists have concluded, those people who eat systematically foods with lots of vegetable fibers run a lower risk of a stroke incident that the people who do not. The risk is reduced by almost 7% with every meal rich of fibers. As we all know whole grain pasta contains lots of fibers, so do the fruits, vegetables and dried nuts. Several studies performed over the years and prior to this recent UK study, have shown that fibers protect us from strokes by reducing or eliminating the factors which cause strokes like, high blood pressure and  high levels of the so called ‘’bad’’ cholesterol, LDL.

The new study has shown that the risk of stoke is reduced by 7% for every 7 gr (0.25 ounces) of fiber taken by the participants in the study. The researchers have stated that one ‘’restaurant portion’’ of whole grain pasta and a small salad contain the magic 7gr ( 0.25 ounces)  of fiber. These results have been published in the ‘’Stroke’’ review of the American Heart Association, AHA and those who are interested can read more about this.

The increased intake of foods rich in fiber is important for all of us but it has been proven that it is even more important for people who are in the high risk category. The people who are in this high risk category are: smokers, people with high blood pressure, overweight and obese people. This is what Dr Diane Thriplton form the Leeds University has stated during the announcement of the results of the research/study. Most of the people do not eat the recommended 2 salads and 3 small fruits a day, which are necessary to be consumed in order for them to be healthy, and in this way finding an alternative source of vegetable fiber will help them significantly in lowering the risk of a stroke and maintaining a healthy body and mind. It should be noted that the Mediterranean diet is a diet which promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

 The study was based on the combined analysis of 8 previous studies which were published between 1990 and 2012. Four of these studies have focused their work on ischemic stroke incidents, which are the most common and are due to the obstruction of the normal blood flow in the brain due to thrombosis. The other three studies have focused on haemorrhagic strokes which are rarer and are due ruptured blood vessels while the eighth study has dealt with all the stroke types.

Specialist suggest that we eat at least 440 grams, 1 lb, of fruits and vegetables daily but this suggestion is followed by only one in five of the adults. This means that we need to find alternatives so as to cover this need and one of the easy ways found is the consumption of whole grain pasta together with a small portion of salad since most of the people have in their dietary plans the consumption of pasta.

So it is true and proven that whole grain pasta reduces the stroke risk.

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