Eight simple tips to avoid getting sick

Eight simple things to avoid getting sick

March 19, 2013

If you belong to that category of people who every now and then “grab” a mild cold or get sick easily, then you should follow these tips, which will reinforce your immune system by enhancing and improving its resistance to a variety of germs! We searched and found eight valuable and simple tips for you so that you do not get sick ever again!  We believe that fitness and diet are the two basic components for your health, both physical and mental health. Fitness and diet are the pillars of a healthy body and mind.

Mid-day Nap – Siesta time

At noon, put yourself in the hands of Morpheus! – Morpheus in Greek mythology was the God of sleep and dreams. Doctors say that a good time for a nap is the interval between 1 pm until 3pm. The body at that time needs nothing but rest! The afternoon siesta seems to be one of the factors that people had lower frequency of coronary heart diseases over others who did not take their afternoon nap. Remember, your body needs a rest so if you can afford it, take a short nap of 10-15 minutes. This can be done at your desk, in your car and anywhere convenient for you.

Drink in moderation

The ancients Greeks used to say: “Pan Metron Ariston” meaning everything in moderation. This saying applies to drinking also.  According to research by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism people who drink less, they rarely get sick. Even though the popular opinion says that one or two drinks a day do no harm and reduce the risk of heart disease, however this research disagrees and points out that alcohol should be consumed rarely and certainly in moderation. If you want to drink, drink a glass of red wine. It helps your heart and it is part of the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest diet in the world.

Eat Yogurt

A diet that lacks dairy and especially yogurt is considered incomplete. Probiotics (or so-called friendly bacteria) contained in yogurt have a positive impact on many gastrointestinal diseases. In the meantime yogurt helps to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and strengthens our immune system. It would be good to put yogurt in your daily diet so that you will gain all its benefits. Greek yogurt has gained popularity in the US and the rest of the world because of these great attributes and benefits.

Eat less food

A recent study showed that the participants who adopted a healthy diet which was 25% less in calories than their previous diet were able to reduce their total cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.
A word of Caution: This does not mean that you should enter into a state of hunger!

Make sure to eat healthy and nutritious meals, avoiding sugar, packed food supplements and canned food! Choose fresh fruits and vegetables! In general follow a healthy diet.

Put Yoga in your life

Put yoga in your life as the yoga exercises will strengthen and will provide balance to your immune system. Simultaneously, the breathing exercises of yoga help to effectively “destroy” germs which cause diseases! Finally, yoga is one of the main factors preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and blood sugar. As we always say fitness is one of the two pillars of health and Yoga is one type of exercises which definitely help the body and mind.

Boost … friendships

People with strong social ties have a healthy immune system, which is less likely to succumb to diseases. Having very good friends or “heart” friends as they are called, reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%! This is a good reason you should often seek to meet with friends for dinner or lunch or a coffee. Avoid chatting with your friends via Facebook or e-mail (unless you live in distant places or a foreign country), and give particular attention to personal contact and person to person meetings and chats.

Do you like spices? Choose garlic

The benefits from garlic consumption are many. Garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fights infections and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Recent studies found out that people who regularly eat garlic managed to halve the number of days they were on sick leave. Eat garlic raw or cooked, it is beneficial in both states. Do not worry about the smell there are ways to eliminate it.

Take a cold shower

Cold shower improves blood circulation, stimulates the skin, strengthens the immune system improves mood and rejuvenates the body! Enjoy a cold shower and experience its beneficial effects. If you have never taken a cold shower you may want to try it in a controlled way by reducing the water temperature gradually so as to avoid the shock.

As you have observed the 8 tips we have just provided span both the diet and fitness areas and prove once again that fitness and diet lead to health and as our motto says: Fitness and diet for health.

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