Celery – A Natural medicine for your body

Celery in your diet

March 10, 2013

Celery is known from the ancient times, as the leaves are used in Chinese cuisine for years, to give flavor to food. Also celery is often added to cocktails, but also sandwiches, soups and salads. Celery is the vegetable which when included in your diet can lead to fitness and health.

Besides the flavor and taste which gives the dishes, celery has important nutritional value, containing vital nutrients such as amino acids, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and vitamin K as well as  fiber all of  which have huge benefits for our body and mind.

Celery is part of the same vegetable family as carrots, cumin, dill and parsley. The stem is thin and crispy and is mainly used in our salads and/or soups. It is also one of the herbs used by Chinese alternative therapies.

Below we list several effects the consumption and inclusion of celery in your diet may have on your health.

Celery Lowers the blood pressure

since it contains certain compounds which relax the arterial muscles allow the dilation of the vessels and this helps to reduce systolic blood pressure.  A study which was conducted with animals showed that their blood pressure decreased by about 12-14% when the animals consumed those compounds, called phthalides, which are contained in celery.

In addition celery contains a flavonoid called apigenin. Apigenin acts as anti-inflammatory agent and this helps to address the cellular oxidative stress. The oxidative stress inside the arteries is reduced and when this happens it helps the arteries to relax and it therefore reduces blood pressure.

If we eat one cup of celery the action intake of sodium is about 0.003527 Oz. We all know that Sodium is responsible for high blood pressure. However, this is about 4% of our daily requirement of sodium and this means that we can easily enjoy the benefits of celery. If we consume foods which are also low in Sodium we can certainly keep the overall sodium intake below the recommended daily value, thus maintaining our health.

Bone health:

Celery is a good source of magnesium and calcium and an excellent source of vitamin K substances which are essential for bone health. These are the nutrients which are responsible for the formation of strong bones and healthy joints. In addition to these substances celery contains polyacetylene which is an organic anti-inflammatory polymer. Polyacetylene reduces the swelling and pain around the joints. This is particularly useful for people who suffer from diseases like arthritis and/or gout. The diuretic properties of polyacetylene help remove uric acid crystals in the joints of the bones. Yet another beneficial effect of Celery is the relief of the terrible ‘’kidney-stone’’ pain.

Celery anticancer properties:

According to researchers, celery is effective against certain types of cancer like the ovarian cancer. It contains anti-cancer compounds that help detoxify carcinogens. It also helps the prevention to the damage of the cells caused by free radicals. The acetylenic compounds inhibit the further growth of tumors. The growth of tumor cells is controlled since the phenolic acids assist in stopping or reducing the action of prostaglandins and thus prevent the overall development of tumors.

Celery has diuretic properties:

Potassium and sodium contained in celery, impart diuretic properties. They stimulate urine production and regulate the amount of body fluid, driving the excess fluids out of the body. As it is understood celery basically works as a natural laxative.  Celery has natural laxative properties which relaxes the nerves which have been stressed by other artificial laxatives, fighting constipation as naturally as possible.

Celery helps us to sleep!

Celery contains certain minerals that contribute to a quality sleep something which every person needs, especially for people suffering from insomnia. These substances have a calming effect on the nervous system and help relieve anxiety and stress.
It replenishes the electrolytes:

Celery has electrolytes and thus serves as a good electrolyte replacement food for athletes who need it most. In addition it helps to achieve the electrolyte balance of the body in case of diarrhea, weakness and malnutrition that results in depletion of muscles.

The alkaline action of Celery:

The alkaline minerals contained in celery help our body to reach equilibrium and to be relieved from acidity by bringing the blood pH to a balance and neutralizing the acidic conditions in our body.

Celery reduces cholesterol

Study conducted on animals, which were specifically bred so that they would have high cholesterol, showed that celery can significantly reduce total cholesterol in their bodies. This is done by regulating the bile acid secretion and thus pushing for the reduction of cholesterol.

Fights inflammation of the brain

The University of Illinois in the USA, conducted a study which showed that a yellow crystalline compound called luteolin present in celery may protect us against inflammatory diseases of the brain. Luteolin belongs to the family of flavonoids and it is a potent antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Previous studies which were conducted by other institutions have shown that flavonoids can help to treat dementia, a loss of brain functions such as memory, thinking and language, caused by inflammation of the brain. During the study, the researchers have noticed that luteolin reduces inflammation in the brain. The inflammation was especially reduced in the hippocampus of the brain region which is associated with the memory, thinking and learning functions.

As a conclusion we believe that we can safeguard our health, maintain fitness of both our body and mind if we incorporate in our diet green vegetables one of which is celery.  As we always say fitness and diet for health.

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