Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

Fruits and vegetables for kids

February 25, 2013

The “eternal” problem parents have, is the “battle” with their young heroes concerning the consumption of fruits and vegetables! Give to your kids Fruits and Vegetables so that they would become fit and healthy! Surely the kids would prefer a delicious chocolate or cool refreshing ice cream over a red apple or a healthy carrot!  But everything is a matter of the right technique and the proper example. If you do not eat vegetables and fruits you should not expect your child to do so. In this article we will present intuitive and easy solutions to put fruits and vegetables in your child’s life!

Fruits and vegetables for kids

Make sure that you keep fruits and vegetables at visible places. This way they would be readily available for kids when they will be looking for a snack or something to offer to their friends.

If you are to offer your kids or their friends, fruits make sure that you cut the fruit into cubes before you offer them. They would appreciate it and consume them faster.

If your children eat while watching TV, give them grapes, cherries or strawberries in a deep bowl. Without realizing it they will eat it and they will ask for more. If you do this daily it will soon become a habit and they will be asking for it.

Offer fruits and vegetables as snacks without much perseverance if your child refuses to eat them. In this case do not to offer an alternative choice to the kid. Next time they would take your offer without hesitation!

Do not reward your child if instead of a fruit or vegetable he/she prefers some other food, such as chocolate or candy. This way subconsciously they would realize that chocolates and candy are not the kind of foods you want them to eat and that you care about their health.

Put your imagination to work to make fruits and vegetables more attractive, invest in nice colors and shapes, and make them a fruit salad with some honey or cinnamon! Honey and cinnamon will make the fruit salad tastier and sweeter.

Fruits and vegetables in kids’ games

Ask your child to help you prepare the fruits or juice, make shapes with the fruit peels and let your kid play with them while you do the preparations. It will be fun for them and next time they will ask for it!

Make for your kids sundaes or milkshake (or even sorbet ice cream if you have the tools) from natural fruit juice, they will be tastier.

Make pancakes stuffed with fruit, such as bananas, strawberries and blackberries. Your options are endless and your kids would love it!

Offer a salad at every meal and serve some in your kid’s plate. Repeat this practice, but without further comments, daily even if your kid does not to eat it.

Start with the most accessible and well known vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, etc.

Do not force the child to eat large quantities and reward your child even when he/she eats small quantities. You may use verbal rewards to test their reactions.

Use children heroes (when the kid’s age permits) who consume such foods to inspire and remind the kids the benefits of their consumption. You can remind them that fruits and vegetables help them to become stronger, faster or smarter.

Ask the kids to make stories with the fruits or vegetables as the heroes in the stories. This way, you will make sure that your children will learn their beneficial effects of fruits and vegetables on their health!

Offer smart snacks with fruits and vegetables such as toast with cheese and vegetables, apple or banana with a little peanut butter, carrot sticks with a light dip such as hummus.

Fruits and Vegetables Tip

Tip: Proper eating habits are based on learning and are formed during the first years of a child’s life! But remember that if you are not lovers of fruits and vegetables, you should not expect your kids to be either! So it may be time for you to love fruits and vegetables if you not like them!  You would kill two birds with one stone!

Fruits and vegetables should be part of every kid’s diet since fitness and diet leads to health.

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