Twelve simple tips to help you live to 100

Twelve simple tips to help you live to 100

February 10, 2013

When the world’s oldest person died about a month ago everyone wondered how did Bessie Cooper reach to celebrate her 116th birthday? How did she get to live past 100? As she had explained quite simply in one of her interviews: “I do not ever eat junk food and I always minded my own business”. Do all come down to fitness and diet for health?

Apart from Bessie’s tips there are other ways/tips to overcome the 100 year mark and live past 100. These tips are supported by science and medicine. We list below twelve simple tips which can help you live to 100.

Read a magazine upside down!

When a person consciously pushes himself or herself a little every day this makes his/her brain undergo through a mild stress. This action repairs the damaged cells and it enables the body to repair the damaged cells associated with aging according the statement of geriatrics specialist Dr Marios Kyriazis, in the newspaper «Daily Mail».

 Dr Kyriazis stated that it is healthy to try  to read magazines backwards, write with the non-dominant hand, strongly support the opposite of what we believe and listen to music that we dislike. These actions change our habits and stimulate different parts of our body and mind.

Eat red fruits and vegetables

Eat red fruits and vegetables to be healthier. According to Dr Susan Jeb of the Medical Research Council, MRC of UK, red peppers contain more antioxidant vitamin C than oranges, beets contain nitrites that relax blood vessels, tomatoes are rich in powerful antioxidant lycopene and red grapes are rich in anti-cancer and cardio protective Resveratrol. Eating fruits is healthy enough but red fruits seem to be healthier.

Run as fast as you can

The speed with which one can cover the distance of a mile, 1600 meters, in his/her 40s and 50s, is a potent predictor of heart disease three or four decades later, according to a study by Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Men should do a mile in 8 minutes while for women 9 minutes is good enough. However, men who find it difficult to cover the distance in 10 minutes and women who cannot do it in 12 minutes are more likely, by 30%, to develop heart disease and lose their lives because of it.  If this is your case, you may improve your fitness, starting to walk daily at the beginning slowly and then at quicker pace until you gradually progress to a slow jogging. So push yourself and stay fit since fitness and diet result to health.

Sit and get up from the floor!

 A study published in the “European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention» (EJCP) showed that those who manage, after  the age of 50, to sit on the floor and get up without relying on assistance, not even on their hands or their knees, have five to six times lower risk f death due to  any cause, compared with those who need support.

Drink one cup of tea a day

Studies by the Medical School of Harvard University showed that one cup of tea a day helps reduce the levels of stress hormones in the blood while after a heart attack the chances of survival increase by 28% for those who consume tea on a daily basis.

Go to bed one hour earlier

An extra hour of sleep each night can reduce blood pressure in just six weeks, thus protecting you from heart attack and stroke, according to a recent study done by the Harvard University.

Wash your teeth daily

A Swedish study with 1,390 volunteers, published in the journal «BMJ Open», showed that those who do not brush their teeth and thus have higher levels of bacteria on the surface of their teeth and gums, were 80% more likely to die prematurely. How early? High levels of bacteria on the teeth were associated with death from cancer up to 13 years earlier! The study lasted 24 years, with volunteers being in their 30s and 40s at the beginning of the study. 

Laugh daily

Laughter boosts the immune system and when it is a true laughter and comes from the guts it improves blood flow by more than 20%.  Several studies have also shown that it can reduce the risk of heart disease according to Dr Robert Provine, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Maryland. 

Have many friends and get married – else get a puppy

A landmark study on longevity, called Grant, which began at Harvard University in 1940 and lasted seven decades, concluded that plenty of good friends and a happy marriage can add many years to our lives. At the same time bachelor’s gain years by having a dog as their companion.  

Eat traditionally

 Numerous studies – Greek and foreign – have shown that the traditional Mediterranean diet is one of the “keys” of longevity. You should, therefore, eat plenty of vegetables, legumes, fish, fruits and whole grains, limiting red meat, refined carbohydrates and sweets.

 Drink Coffee

 Scientists from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the USA who followed for 14 years more than 402,000 volunteers, concluded that the coffee drinkers were at lower risk of dying from heart disease, lung disease, stroke, diabetes and infections, compared with those who did not ever drink coffee. The reduction in mortality among the volunteers who drank coffee was of the order of 10-15%.


Eat apples with the skin

 Scientists from the University of Iowa found out that an apple a day provides many health benefits – provided you do not peel them. The study, published in the journal «Cell Metabolism», showed that over time, the daily apple consumption increases muscle mass, reduces cholesterol and body fat and improves the levels of blood sugar.

We have presented 12 tips which when followed may enable you to live up to your 100. As you may have already concluded all tips have to do with fitness and diet which at the end results to health.

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