How to lose weight fast and easy

How to lose weight fast and easy

January 4, 2013

Deprivation and the starving diets sometimes do not bring the desired results. They not only do not bring the desired results but to the contrary they can cause health problems. For this reason, we suggest you follow some basic tricks that will help you lose those extra pounds quickly and easily! The idea to lose weight fast and easy usually arises right after the holiday period during which most of us gain weight due to heavy eating and drinking and minimal exercising.


Drink plenty of fluids

 Liquids and mostly water, is a simple way to achieve an overall reduction in calorie intake throughout the day. And this is because; drinking water tricks the stomach and enables the sense of fullness and saturation of hunger. Hydration also fills the body with oxygen and energy thus limiting nibbling, snacking (especially sweets like cookies and chocolate bars) or munching between meals.

Eat Salmon 

Salmon is a fatty fish. Fatty fish are good for the heart while at the same time they have strong and antidepressant action. Studies have shown that regular consumption of salmon, by person who is on diet, improves his/her mood and thus helps in achieving the weight loss goal. 

Eat oatmeal

 The more fiber we eat, the easier it is to lose the excess pounds we have gained during the holiday season. This is because on the one hand oats contain few calories and on the other hand they require more chewing and reduce the rate food flows through the gastrointestinal tract and because of this we eat less food with all the positive consequences.

Weight loss tip

The ideal combination for plant-origin foods is to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits in moderation and enough whole grains. Of course it should be noted that these foods should be in your daily diet not only as a salad or breakfast but as snacks, in sauces and more general they should be on the table with every opportunity. 

‘’Change” your taste

Make sure you chew gum and use toothpaste with intense flavor (mint, cinnamon). This tactic can be particularly useful immediately after lunch and in the evening, as the pristine teeth not only give you the feeling of freshness but can curb the craving for dessert and block your ‘’path’’ towards the kitchen for food. 


Prefer the blue color

A recent study showed that when food is served on blue plates then we tend to eat less, whereas bright colors like red or orange make us eat more (hence this is the reason these bright colors are prevailing in many fast food restaurants). So if you want to avoid eating too much use blue color plates.  A small Tip: If you make your home now, choose shades of blue to paint the dining room or use wallpaper with shades of blue and try not to use dinnerware with bright colors (if you have blue, even better). Even the placement of a blue or purple bulb in the refrigerator can be a deterrent to the frequent opening of the refrigerator.

Eat lettuce and spinach

 Make sure that you eat as many green salads as possible because they are very high in water and fiber, so you get enough fibers and get the feeling of fullness, without getting too much calories. Make sure that you avoid the fattening salad Dressings on top of salads since it defeats the purpose of eating salads!!

Marinate roast barbecued meat

The meat should initially be marinated with rosemary or marinated with lemon, garlic and onion.  This enables the meat to lose much of its fat during the barbeque process, while marinating reduces by 90% certain harmful toxins (called heterocyclic amines) which are developed during barbequing.


You need to remember that healthy living involves fitness and diet. So in order to complete the picture of how to lose weight fast and easy and enable a fast weight loss you need to exercise on a frequent basis and if possible on a daily basis. Exercise keeps you fit and at the same time increases the body metabolism for faster burning of the excess calories.

You need to always remember that in order to be healthy you need to combine fitness with diet or as we say fitness and diet for health.

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