Children who eat fast food may have lower IQ

Children who eat fast food may have lower IQ

November 30, 2012

A new study linking fast food with IQ has been recently released. What is the correlation between the two? Find out by reading this short article, summary of the report, and understand why your everyday diet is important for the brain development.

Children who eat fast food are more likely to have lower IQ as they grow up than those who eat fresh-cooked healthy meals, according to a study released recently.

As demonstrated by the research performed, nutrition in childhood has long-lasting effects on IQ, even if the child was previously intelligent. The study performed has taken into account other factors as well, such as economic and social status. They are all interrelated and interdependent.

The study has looked at how the main meal that the kids ate each day had an impact on cognitive ability and development. It is obvious to assume that the main meal of the kid’s diet is the meal which as the most impact on its body and brain development.

Experts monitored 4,000 children in Scotland with ages three to five years, and compared those with fast food habits Vs those who enjoyed freshly cooked food. From the study, conducted by the University of London, it was found out that parents with higher socio-economic status stated that they provided their children with meals prepared with fresh ingredients most often,  and this had positively affected their IQ. On the other hand families with lower socio-economic status were the ones who had given their children more and more frequently fast food to consume, something which seemed to have resulted in a decrease of intelligence of these children.

Dr. Sophie von Stumm, psychologist and a specialist among the team which contacted the study, said: “It is logical to assume that the type of food we eat, in other words our diet, affects brain development.  Previous studies have only focused on the effects of specific food groups in children’s IQ rather than general types of meals. This study has focused on fast food.

It is once again proven that our diet plays an important role in our body and brain development and this is why we must have a balanced diet which will keep our body and brain healthy and active.

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