These ten Habits will make you gain weight

These ten habits will make you gain weight

October 27, 2012

If you have not gained weight lately, you belong to the ‘’lucky’’ people category. As nutritionists stress, living in a modern society it is rather difficult to maintain our weight stable without some kind of a diet and this is because our access to food and our way of living have changed dramatically. Healthy living and diet along with exercise go hand in hand. On the other hand stress and bad habits make us eat more!

Along with stress, the pressure at work and the extensive working hours do not allow us to enjoy small, frequent and healthy meals. In addition the tasty unhealthy snacks which are easily available but are full of calories make us feel full temporarily but they do not offer to our body the necessary nutritional elements which are needed for our everyday activities.

How can we correct this and initiate your weight loss?

 The first step would be to recognize that you have a problem and identify the habits which you can change for the better. Ask yourself the following 10 questions which will make you realize what needs to be changed and fixed and the answers to these questions will be the first steps to a weight loss journey.

How warm is your house?

Do you move around in your house without socks even during the winter? Is the answer is yes? Recent research has recently shown that people who live in warm houses double the probability to end up obese.  This is because these people burn less calories. When our body is exposed to cold, it burns fat to stay warm so their metabolism increases which means we lose weight and fat.

Do you drive to work?

If the answer is yes then you are bound to gain weight. Driving is probably the most fattening habit! As a matter of fact people who use public transport are on the average 13% less fat than those who insist to drive every day to work. In addition scientists have observed that those who use the metro or the bus are more of the athletic type persons than the rest of the people and they are the people who go jogging or use the bicycle. For this category of people the chances of getting fat are reduced to less than 50%. For those who must sit behind the wheel we suggest that they go cycling at least once a week for half an hour. This is your only way to eliminate the additional and accumulated fat.

Are there things in your life which make you feel happy and stir your interest?

 If the answer is yes then there is hope for you to lose weight. In a recent conference about wellness and happiness which was held in Australia, scientists and presenters have stressed that the secret in avoiding the gaining of weight and obesity is to put into our lives more interesting and attractive activities than eating. This way we will stop eating due to emotional reasons and we will use food at the fuel to our body for its daily activities!

Do you like to please others?

Are you the type of person who likes to please other? If yes then you are more likely to gain weight! Why? According to an extensive research by an American University when you prioritize the needs of others higher than yours you are more likely to eat more especially if you are with people. The social harmony which you aim to, may lead you to the state at which you cannot refuse food that you are offered. The secret is to always remember that being polite and courteous is important but it is equally important to make the right choices for you.


Do you make all the decisions ranging from small to serious issues?

If the answer is yes then you belong to the category of people who have undertaken all responsibilities and your drive and desire has now dropped significantly. The energy consumed for taking these decisions is the same which must have been allocated to set limits and satisfy your needs. For instance stop the useless dilemmas and unworthy choices. When you go to the supermarket buy the same milk brand every time why change. Stop trying to achieve all at the same time. Set simple and realistic goals every day and try to achieve them and when you achieve them reward yourself but not with extra food!


 Are you under stress frequently?

 If your answer is yes then you are bound to gain weight. Researches at Yale University have found out that when the stress levels increase there is a specific part of the brain which is activated and makes us search for foods high in fat or sugar. Fighting stress is the counter measure and action in this case. If despite of all these you find it difficult to put stress under control, eat small and frequent meals so that you will keep the sugar levels of your body at low and stable levels.


Do you frequently use your laptop, tablet or phone at night?

Did you answer yes? Experiments on mice have shown that those exposed to light have gained weight by more than 50% of those who stayed in the dark while they were eating the same amounts of food and they were exercising the same amount. The light these mice were exposed to was the equivalent of that of the TV in a dark room. We must learn to switch off the TV or our computer one hour before going to bed.


 Do you go out frequently in an unplanned way?

Are you an impulsive guy following all invitations from friends for day trips or excursions? If yes then you are prone to gain weight. Why? Usually sudden and impulsive outings mean no planning for healthy eating such as vegetables, fruits and other healthy food.  Such outings end up eating ‘’delivery kind’’ of foods with high calorie and fat content. So if you are invited to spontaneous events have your list ready. Choose healthy food like chicken, cereal, cheese, eggs and milk. If you choose these foods you will increase the levels of dopamine in your brain which in its turn reduces the impulsive and spontaneous actions


Do you drink light soft drinks?

A recent study done in the USA has shown that people who have been drinking light colas and light soft drinks in general have increased their weight by 70% more than those who have drunk regular drinks. The reasons are not clear yet but if you are worried about your weight then you should switch to other kind of drinks like green tea.


Do you finish your food before anybody else on the table?

If yes then you are one of those people who will gain weight. The specialists say that those who eat fast are by 11% more fat than those who eat slowly. Ideally a meal should last about 20 minutes. In order to achieve this you must pay attention to what you eat, taste it well and try to identify the different components in the food.  Make each meal a unique experience.


If there is a something you should take from this article is the fact that you should avoid bad habits which lead to weight gain and this can be achieved by making habits which will lead to weight loss. Habits which lead to weight loss are ones which include physical exercise and diet thus through fitness and diet you achieve health.

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