Delicious Ways to enjoy your Cereal leading to fitness and health

Delicious ways to enjoy your Cereal leading to fitness and health

October 23, 2012

Cereal is regarded by many as a delicious and sweet breakfast to start your day and in some cases as a light lunch to keep you going. Cereal should be in every diet as it is a healthy and nutritious food, leading to fitness and health. There are many other foods which when combined with cereal will give us a tasty and delicious mixture full of vitamins and fiber. We recommend that you try these tasty ways which complement your breakfast enabling you to discover new culinary and tasty paths by adding small touches for better taste and balanced nutrition.Adopt the following options with your cereal and you will be thrilled. Make sure you get the necessary ingredients which will enable you to have a balanced diet thus making a rich breakfast, which will give you the energy to continue with the rest your day.

Cereal with milk and fruits

 Accompany your favorite cereal with your favorite fruit. Cut small pieces of, for example apple, peach or plum and rest assured that you will receive the necessary fiber, which offer the fruits!

Cereal with milk and nuts

The nuts beyond the taste they add to your meal they help in the fight against heart diseases and diabetes, reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good one while providing antioxidant protection to the body. Consequently you have a delicious and healthy breakfast and much more.

Cereal with milk and dried fruits

Another excellent combination is cereal with milk and dried fruits. You can add dried fruits like figs, prunes, plums and apricots. The plums help in the activation of the intestine. Try nuts and dried figs with you cereal and will you will go nuts with them.

Cereal with milk and dark chocolate

Another fun combination is the addition of dark chocolate.  Put some pieces of dark chocolate, or grind the chocolate in your cereal bowl and you will have a sweet tasty and yet healthy breakfast.

Extra Tip: As an extra tip you may consider adding oats in your breakfast, in any of the above combinations. You will end up having a delicious breakfast and with the aid of oats you will have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast since oats fight the bad cholesterol.

As you may have already realized, some simple touches to your everyday cereal breakfast add excitement, taste and health to your diet and give you the necessary spark and motivation for a great day and as we always say fitness and diet lead to health.

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