A Sharp Increase of Obesity by 2030

October 11, 2012

If the Americans maintain their current dietary habits and continue to avoid exercising, we cannot exclude the possibility that historians of the future would consider the beginning of the 21st century as the golden age during which people were slim! Fitness and diet go together and when followed systematically lead to a healthy body.

if nothing changes, half of adult Americans will be obese

The most recent reports on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. have the usual grim picture: 35.7% of adults and 16.9% of children aged 2 to 19 years are overweight. For the first time however, the study of the Trust for America‚Äôs Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (the ninth report they have presented so far) uses a sort of “time machine” to interpret the data. Based on population and other factors, the report predicts that by 2030, if nothing changes, half of adult Americans will be obese!!

Based on data released in August the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report argues that the percentage of overweight will reach 44% and in 13 States will even exceed 60%.

It is therefore time for everybody to eat healthy foods and exercise in order to be fit and healthy. You have to remember the virtuous circle: Fitness and diet lead to health.

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