The 5 fruits you need to eat for a flat belly

September 23, 2012

Many people are obsessed with their weight loss diet and they forget about the health component of their diet. Other people are obese and they do nothing about it. There is a way that you can follow the right diet, you can be healthy and at the same time have a flat belly.

Fruits must be included in our everyday diet and in fact they should have a significant place in our diet. Fruits are basic foods, rich in nutritional properties, vitamins and fiber. It should be noted that they are at the second step of the Mediterranean diet pyramid not by accident but by selection and importance. Fruits are food that every healthy individual should take on a daily basis.

Having stated the above it seems that you have a few more good reasons why fruits should be included in your diet since five of the fruits give you the chance to have a flat belly. These are the 5 fruits which when consumed on a daily basis will enable you to have a flat belly or a flat stomach as most people would like to call it.

Watermelon: the red delight

Watermelon belongs to the melon family. Even if you do not believe it, this fruit will help you achieve the so desired by all flat belly and flat stomach. Watermelon is rich in antioxidants, has minimal calories and high quantities of water. So after the consumption of certain quantities of watermelon we have the intense feeling of fullness and this reduces the feeling of hunger. In parallel and addition to this the fiber helps us visit the toilet frequently thus removing the stomach fullness.

Grapefruit: the bittersweet fruit

Grapefruit belongs to the citrus family. As with the watermelon so does the grapefruit, it induces the feeling of fullness and completeness and thus stimulates the end of the hunger feeling. The hunger feeling is reduced with the consumption of some fresh grapefruit or by drinking a glass of grapefruit juice. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C. According to a study published in the scientific journal ‘’American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’’ the higher the levels of vitamin C in the blood the lower is the waist-hip ratio, WHR. WHR is the ratio which is used as an indicator for the health of a person. The university of Arizona has done a research the findings of which have shown that Vitamin C helps us to burn more fat, by a factor of 25%, when we exercise. So put the grapefruit in your life and exercise and you will have a flat belly accompanying you!

Apples: the red temptation

Since the apple is in the family of the fleshly fruits it could not be absent from our list. Apple contains high quantities of water and its skin is rich in fiber. An apple a day before a meal will reduce the feeling of hunger with the minimal possible calories.

Berries: the colorful delight

Berries are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. As with the other fruits in our list, berries have a high percentage of water which helps to have the fullness feeling and thus avoid consuming increased quantities of unneeded food. Choose a cup of berries as an intermediate snack, in between meals. A cup of berries has only 80 calories and tackle nibbling and gravy for an additional snack.

Grapes: Last but not least

Grapes are full of nutritional properties with minimal calories. At the same time they easily digested and they have diuretic properties which are useful for those who want to get rid of the excessive weight and at the same time have flat stomach. In addition vitamin B contained in the grapes can help us to reduce the fat around the stomach since they help on the conversion of the protein in fat into energy and thus increase our metabolism

As you have well understood, consuming fruits is healthy. Consuming the right fruits can have additional benefits, like the flat belly, especially if combined with physical exercise.

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