What are the 9 worst things you can say to someone who is on a weight loss plan?

August 31, 2012

Did you ever wonder what the worst statements that someone who is on a weight loss plan can hear? I bet you have experienced such feelings at times when you might have been trying to lose weight and the words of the people around you were putting your efforts and plan in danger. We have gathered below the 9 most discouraging and demotivating comments people usually say when others either follow a strict diet or a strict weight loss plan. We also suggest an answer you may give to this negativism.


  1. Try this sweet I have made it especially for you!  It has been found that 56% recipients of this comment give in due to the sweet temptation and/or due to the feeling of guilt towards their friends or mates. To resist and get by, we suggest you answer: ‘’ Thank you. I will take it home to eat it another time’’.
  2. Why are you trying to lose weight? A few pounds extra will not harm anybody.  Almost all the people who are on a weight loss program they most certainly will face such reactions from the people around them who underestimate their effort and program. If you are focused on your target and according to your dietician you need to lose the extra pounds do not even bother to reply to them. Keep following your program.
  3. Have you tried this diet? You should be or become a strong and firm person so as not to be affected by the suggestions of the people around you. You should not follow any depriving, or yo-yo, diets suggested by your peers. The reply to this question should be: ‘’ I follow a well-balanced diet which helps me lose weight and be healthy’’
  4. Don’t be an anorexic. One such comment, which usually comes from a close to you person, undermines your diet. Reply by reassuring your loved ones that you follow a well-designed weight loss program which is monitored by your dietician on a frequent basis.
  5. Why don’t you just stop eating sweets? Such comments usually come from natural thin people who have no idea what you are going through and why you need to follow a weight loss program. The best answer is: ‘’ for me this trick does not have results’’ and switch subject to divert the attention to something else.
  6. Are you sure that you can eat this food? This is probably the most irritating comment someone can say when you are trying to lose weight no matter of whether she has good intentions or not. Just because your choice of food does not seem to her as the right food to lose weight, it does not mean that it is not. As long as you follow a weight loss plan which is proven and prescribed by a licensed person do not deprive it from yourself.
  7. You are always trying to lose weight! Since you cannot make it why keep trying? We have to admit that some people no matter how close they are to us they cannot accept our choices. Remember that in order to succeed in your goals you need to have around you people who provide positive energy and support you.
  8. Take one more piece, it will not harm you. This phrase usually comes from relatives whom we visit and they have prepared some delicacies for us and they want to please us. Resist as much as you can and tell them politely that you appreciate their efforts but you prefer not the deviate from your weight loss program/plan.
  9. But your birthday is on Sunday and you are on a diet? Your friends believe that you will have a better time if you eat. Tell them that you enjoy the moments without excessive eating and that you want to stick to your program. You will have many occasions to celebrate.

Follow your weight loss plan and resist the temptations. Weight Loss diets need commitment.

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