Which is the best diet to lose weight?

January 6, 2012

During this period everybody is looking for a diet to lose the excess weight they have gained during the holidays. Loss of weight however should not be at the expense of health and should definitely be combined with exercise so as to ensure fitness and health for the long-term.

The excess or over weight is a problem, and for some a serious problem, that is in the mind of many people for reasons that have to do either with their health or their looks. The various efforts for losing weight may take many forms. People deploy several means that would enable them to lose weight, that involve strict diet plans and/or several diet supplements promoted by various types of diets.

The question that often comes up is: Which method and which diet plan are the best ways that would enable us to get rid of the excess weight? The answer is very important and crucial, especially if one takes into the account the numerous solutions and offers that exist and which are offered by institutions, specialists or even online advisors and which certainly vary in price and duration.

One other fact, which should not be ignored, that should play a factor in the final decision of the way we would choose to lose weight, is whether the method will have long term effects. This is important because we do not want to follow any yo-yo diets and proceed with any investment in time and money towards the loss of weight that would not be safeguarded. Various studies have shown that the diets that have the best results are those diets which fit the desires and needs of the individual.

Participating in expensive diet programs, the consumption of special foods or the intake of dietary supplements is not always effective. In actual fact, very few people lose and maintain the lost weight this way. The single most important factor that contributes to the loss of excessive weight and its maintenance is the desire and will of the person in combination with the physical exercise.

The following are some basic rules and guidelines for a healthy diet and it would be good to adopt them in our everyday life, when we decide to get rid of the unwanted and excessive fat and live a healthy and fit life:

  1. The food should contain many fibers, whole grain cereals and less white bread and sugar.
  2. We should eat more proteins as these reduce the ‘’hunger’’ feeling
  3. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and they create the feeling of completeness/fullness, thus preventing us from eating too much.  We should not remove all the fatty foods from our diet
  4. The fatty nutrients that are contained in dry nuts, olives, avocado and fish are beneficial and help the heart and brain functions.

For each and every attempt to lose weight and excessive fat, the important elements of success are: consistency, persistence, patience and everything to be done with measure.

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