Introduce Green Tea in your Diet to have your health

December 28, 2011

Green tea, as a hot relaxing drink, when introduced in your diet and especially after your fitness exercises, can reduce by several points the LDL, commonly known as bad, cholesterol.  These are the findings of an American study published by the reliable scientific Journal of the American Diabetic Association.

After studying the dietary habits of thousands of people, the scientists of the Western University of Health Science at Pomona California, they have concluded that green tea reduces by 5-6 units the total and LDL cholesterol. The effects of Green tea where compared with other treatments and placebo treatment. The scientists focused their research on the beneficial effects of Green tea either in the known hot drink form or the capsule form which contained catechines, as catechines are believed to control the absorption of cholesterol by the intestine.

Scientists have studied the results of 20 clinical tests/researches which were performed with the cooperation and involvement of about 1500 people.  The participants were randomly selected to take Green tea, either in the form of a hot tonic drink or in the form of a catechine capsule or even as placebo capsule containing water and some preservatives. Placebo capsules were used so as to introduce and study the psychological factor which usually affects people. The research took 6 months and was done on people who already had high cholesterol indicators and the results were monitored on a weekly basis. Dr Olivia Pang of the Western University has stated that throughout the research the people who were in the group who had tea as a drink have exhibited better results than the other two groups.

It is worth noting that several studies in the past have attempted to link the medicinal attributes of tea to the control of cholesterol but they have not universally concluded or proven that green tea helps. These past studies were small in size and duration and as a result this made them less trustworthy.

All people who have high cholesterol symptoms and are on medicinal treatment should note that Green Tea cannot and should not substitute any medicine. People should continue to follow the prescriptions given by the doctors. However introducing Green tea in our diets, in our healthy diets, can be another way to control the levels of cholesterol. Green tea lowered the levels of LDL cholesterol but did not increase the HDL, good, cholesterol and did not lower the triglycerides.

Green tea in our diet can certainly be a healthy intake, a drink that can substitute any other unhealthy drink, and will contribute to our health and fitness if taken in moderation. Since prevention is better than treatment, Green tea can and should be a drink for everybody and not just for people who want to lower their LDL cholesterol.

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