The 15 Dietary tips for the Christmas and New Year Holidays

December 26, 2011

Maintaining a balanced diet during the Christmas and New Year holidays is a must so that you will not find yourself with a few pounds extra weight. In order to achieve the desired results and have a healthy diet, maintain your fitness and have health you can adopt the following tips that are the result of a long term experience.

  1. Keep a diary of all the foods you consume these days and consult this diary daily. You can categorize all foods in the 6 main groups: Fruits, Vegetables, milk, cereal, meat and olive oil. Consulting the diary daily sends you the right messages.
  2. Remove all the fat from the turkey you will cook and cook the turkey covered with water or orange juice or semi-skimmed milk. Preference should be given to meats that are cooked in the oven, in BBQ or boiled
  3. Eat a lot of vegetables with your meals, raw or cooked.
  4. Avoid the fattening assortments and side dishes like fried potatoes, sauces with fresh cream, salads with mayonnaise and others.
  5. After dinner try only one kind of sweets in a small quantity. It is preferable to avoid sweets completely by having fruits or fruit salad as a desert
  6. Avoid consuming a lot of nuts and prefer fresh vegetables, like carrots or celery, in their place. Keep in mind that 2 walnuts=6 almond nuts= 10 peanuts=45 calories.
  7. You should never stay hungry the whole day in anticipation that you will eat when you go out at night because this makes you to eat a lot and hastily resulting to the opposite results
  8. Chew your food well and slowly and eat short and frequent meals so as to maintain the feeling of completeness and fullness.
  9. Use culinary recipes that consist of dried fruits and fruit juice in place of sugar for the sweets.
  10. Avoid the heavy consumption of alcohol. As an indication keep in mind that 1.5 glasses of beer have 150 calories, ½ glass of champagne has 85 calories, ¼ glass of scotch whiskey has 130 calories and ½ glass of red wine had 85 calories. Plan your drinking accordingly.
  11. Avoid cooking fried food and if you have to then use the right quantity of olive oil
  12. When cooking in the oven use water, tomato juice and 2-3 tbsp of olive oil and in casserole use tomato juice and 2-3 tbsp of olive oil.  
  13. Prepare sauces without excess oil, using fat-free milk and corn flour.
  14. Do not use butter in cooked vegetables. A few tbsp of olive oil should be sufficient
  15. Use only 2 tbsp of olive oil for every cup of flour in pastries.
  16. As a last tip, exercise. Walk at least 45 minutes a day.

If you follow the above diet tips you will not feel guilty and you will be healthy and fit thus follow our motto fitness and diet for health.

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