Healthy Diet Tips: Drink water, the seventh of the eight ways to burn calories

December 20, 2011

The seventh of the 8 ways/methods to burn calories is simply drinking water.  Our aim is to achieve health through fitness and diet and this can be achieved if the methods and tips introduced in Fitness and diet for Health are followed.

As Jamie Pope of the Vanderbilt University has stated, drinking water is part of the process for burning calories while at the same time it keeps the balance of liquids in the body. As several research studies around the world have shown, drinking 8 glasses of water daily helps to burn 100 calories a day. The latest study that was done in Germany has reached to the same results.

This, 100 calories a day, may not sound great but adding them up, it sums up to 700 a week and 2800 calories per month and this is doing nothing extraordinary and something that is within our daily habits and way of living. Drinking water is a healthy process that keeps us fit, it is useful for all the internal organs, like the kidneys, and avoids the wrong signals between thirst and hunger.

It should be stressed that overdoing it, drinking a lot of water, will turn to be unhealthy and may cause harm to the body. Our body is by two thirds water. This balance must be preserved if all of our organs would function properly. All internal organs have their function and the kidneys have the function to process water and take from it the necessary nutrients. We take in water, 8 glasses a day, so as to replace the quantities that leave our body through urination, sweat etc. Too much water may upset the balance in our body and it may lead to unpredictable results, such as Hyponatremia meaning insufficient salt (sodium) in the body.  Hyponatremia leads to many other complications including brain up-normal functioning, something that you would want to avoid.

Drink water with measure. Eight glasses are enough to keep you healthy. Fitness and diet results to health, as we always stress.

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