Healthy Diet Tips: Eat Low fat Dairy Products, the sixth of the eight ways to burn calories

December 15, 2011

Low fat mik for fintess and dietThe sixth of the 8 ways/methods to burn calories is eating low fat dairy products.  As we have repeatedly stated the aim is to achieve health through fitness and diet and this can be achieved if the methods and tips introduced in Fitness and diet for Health are followed.

Calcium from low fat dairy products does not particularly help us to burn more calories but it can significantly contribute to the avoidance of the accumulation of fat. Results from a recent study performed in Denmark have indicated that the body can absorb less calories from the fats during the various meals, when we consume calcium from low fat dairy products.

Another research has concluded that the consumption of more foods with Calcium, in which low fat dairy products are included, seems to be connected with a lower quantity of belly fat, especially in the cases of young men. In addition Calcium is a factor and contributor to healthier and stronger bones, especially in the case of women where calcium is need to fight osteoporosis, a bone disease/deficiency.

Recent research performed recently by scientists has discovered and concluded that low fat dairy also helps in many other ways such as the following: reduces the risk of hypertension, prevents the migraine headaches, promotes the healthy functioning of the thyroid and lowers the LDL cholesterol level.

The low fat Dairy products include: low fat milk that is used for breakfast with cereal, low fat yogurt that can be taken as breakfast or snack and low fat white cheese that can be eaten anytime during the day. White cheeses of the world include: Italian Mozzarella, Catalonian Mató, Greek Feta, Turkish Beyaz Peynir and the Cypriot Halloumi.

It is suggested that we take 3 servings of low fat dairy products per day.

Low fat dairy products are not only healthy but they also give us the right energy to exercise so that we can maintain our fitness and with this diet we have our health, hence our motto fitness and diet for health.

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