Healthy Diet Tips: Eat Breakfast, the fifth of the eight ways to burn calories

December 11, 2011

The fifth of the 8 ways/methods to burn calories is eating breakfast.  The aim is to achieve health through fitness and diet and this can be achieved if you follow many of the tips and methods that we will introduce in the posts on this site.

There is more and more evidence supporting the fact that there is correlation between the omission, skipping, of breakfast and the increase of the body weight. A recent article of the American Association of Dieticians has indicated just this.

Several studies have shown that people who skip breakfast have the tendency to eat more food and this means more food with calories until the end of the day. We all know that more calories means more fat and other by-products that are stored by the body, thus increasing the person’s weight while at the same time affect healthiness.

Other research done concerning teenagers has shown that those who skip breakfast have increased Body Mass Index and slowly-slowly become overweight.

Off course it is wise to assume that health oriented people do not need research and other studies to indicate to them the importance of breakfast and how breakfast affects their body weight and thus their health.

The ancient saying that states: ‘’ In the morning eat like a king, at noon like a queen and at night like a pauper’’ gives an indication about the importance of breakfast.

It goes without saying that breakfast should be healthy and not just stomach filler. You should choose the right food and the right quantities. It recommended that breakfast is part of general healthy diet and just because it is recommend to ‘’eat like a king’’ it does not mean overeating. A healthy breakfast consists of fresh juice, fresh fruits, cereal, yogurt, milk and dried nuts and fruits and certainly not all taken at one sitting but in alternate days.

In order to achieve and maintain health, diet is important and breakfast is an important part of each diet and should be part of a daily diet plan. As someone can say: The ‘’road’’ for Fitness and diet for health passes through a healthy breakfast.

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