Healthy Diet Tips: Eat frequently small meals, the fourth of the eight ways to burn calories

December 6, 2011

The fourth of the 8 ways/methods to burn calories is eating frequently small meals. Our target is to achieve health through fitness and diet so our diet, eating habits, should be such so as to enable fitness and health.

Every time we eat a meal or a snack, our gastrointestinal system ‘’opens’’ and begins to digest food and absorb nutrients. The digestion machine needs calories to ignite and start working. It is therefore logical that the more small meals or snacks someone eats within the day the more calories (s)he burns.

Ms Megan McCrory, researcher at Bastyr University, has stated that there is no strong evidence to support the results of this theory. However many specialists and dieticians believe that eating frequently small meals within the day is definitely healthier than eating one or two large meals. Now if this eating habit leads to the burning of more calories, so much the better.

As we can see this simple and easy to implement eating habit can help us have health and can support our fitness program. A fitness program is usually demanding for energy. In addition a fitness program cannot follow a large meal, since this may cause health problems. There intakes of small meals within the day help.

When we say small meal or snack, it is implied that it should be a healthy meal and by no means have wet implied that this meal should be fast or junk food. If you enter into the dietary habit of small and frequent meals then you should plan your day and equipped with the right snacks or meals.

Fitness and diet for health implies that we adopt a style and a dietary habit that would enable us to achieve the health goal with the minimal effort.

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