Healthy Diet Tips: Drink Tea, The third of the eight ways to burn calories

December 4, 2011

The third of the 8 ways/methods to burn calories is the drinking of tea. Keeping in mind that our target to achieve health through fitness and diet we should have many methods to achieve this, each of the methods contributing in its own way towards health.

Caffeine is a stimulus and stimulants have the tendency to increase the calories that our body burns. A possible justification of this is that they give us the short term impression that we have more energy, something that means that you move more and faster thus burning calories. Caffeine can also cause changes in the body metabolism and such changes can also help us to burn more calories.

Older studies about the effect of caffeine have shown that 250mg of caffeine, if consumed during a meal, can increase the calorie-burning process by at least 10%, and this is according to Jamie Pope of the Vanderbilt University. This off course leads to weight loss and health.  Over time this can be proven to be significant, as the specialists acknowledge. Just note that 75 calories per day amount to 2100 calories per month. In addition, studies over the past years have shown that black and green tea can have more beneficial effects than just the contribution of caffeine. More specifically, research has shown that green tea has properties that enable the burning of calories that are not attributed to caffeine. The University of Lausanne has contacted research on 31 healthy men and women by giving them 3 portions of drinks, one containing tea, the other catechins and the third caffeine with calcium for 3 days. The 24-hour of calorie burning was increased by 4.6% for the case of green tea.

Consumption of tea during meals can also have another positive impact in the weight loss effort. The various nutrients of the tea can infiltrate among the consumption of carbohydrates by the body during the same meal, according to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This leads to another way that the proper diet can lead to health, diet for health.

If all of the above are of no significance to many of you or are not accepted by most, there is another thing that cannot be disputed by anyone.  This is a gift given by the consumption of green tea. The mere fact that someone would consume green tea with zero calories versus a soft drink or an alcoholic drink with calories reduces the intake of calories! This is a benefit.

Tea and more specifically Green tea is another component of a diet that can lead to health. Thus fitness through exercise and diet through the consumption of tea can lead to better health, fitness and diet for health!

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