Healthy Diet Tips: The second of the eight ways to burn calories

November 29, 2011

In the previous post of this series of short articles dealing with ways to burn calories, we have referred to and analyzed how Exercise has a positive effect on calorie burning. Remember that our target is achieving health through fitness and diet.

The second way to burn calories is through Body building Exercises.

When we exercise we use our muscles. This helps our body to build muscle mass and the muscle tissue burns more calories than the body fat, even at times of relaxation. Even when we relax after an intense exercise our muscles continue to burn calories.  According to the specialists, 10 lbs of muscle would burn 50 calories a day even if they were at the relaxation mode while at the same time 10 lbs of fat would only burn 20 calories. This corresponds to 250% increased calorie burning in favour of the muscles.

The most effective way to improve our metabolism and thus burn more calories is through aerobic exercises and muscle building exercises. Both types of exercise are important according to Megan McCrory, a researcher at Bastyr University. This is also proven by many more studies and it is documented in numerous papers.

Body building exercises become particularly important when we grow up, become older, and our metabolism tends to become weaker and slows down. One way to prevent or reduce the weakening of the metabolism is to add a certain amount of body building exercises in your daily program. This amounts to at least 2 days a week of body building exercises. The biggest muscles need the most attention and these are the muscles of the legs, belly, chest and hands. Therefore our body and muscle building exercises should be selected to address this need.

Our target is always to burn more calories, be more active and lose weight by exercising. Thus we can easily conclude that in our daily lives, we will follow the motto:  fitness and diet for health.

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