Healthy Diet Tips: Eight ways to burn calories

November 27, 2011

Is there something that you can do so as to increase the number of calories you burn daily?  Yes and No. One basic rule that is applicable here is that, through Exercise for Fitness and continuous diet you can have your health and at the same time burn more calories.  The truth is that it seems that the number one way to burn calories is the traditional way: exercise more and move faster. In the next series of posts, we will provide 8 possible ways that you can use to burn more calories.

The first and most well known way to burn calories is Exercise

 Christopher Wharton, personal trainer and researcher at the University of Yale, believes that the more someone spends exercising, and the more intense this exercise is, the more calories (s)he will burn. Similarly the specialist on Obesity Mr George Bray of the Baton Rouge research center, believes that by walking fast and lively every day is the best advice he can give to people who want to burn more calories. It is obvious that when you exercise, your body burns more calories to support your activities. It should be noted that the benefits from the exercise continue even after the end of the exercise since our body continues to burn even more calories.

Even though it is very difficult to indicate with certainty how long the result of the exercise lasts, as it varies and depends on the body mass and the intensity of the exercise, it is safe to state that the increase of the metabolism rate lasts for about 24 hours with aerobic exercises.

If you want to prolong the burning of calories resulting from exercises Mr Wharton suggests that you exercise for longer periods of time. Research has shown that with the prolongation of the duration of the exercise, the calories burning during relaxation, called after burn, is also prolonged.

By burning more calories we become more active, by exercising we become more fit and with fitness and diet we become healthier. Thus we can easily say that we will follow the motto:  fitness and diet for health.

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