Health Tips for the Kids: 3 ways to make you feel better

November 1, 2011

 Do you feel depressed? Stressed? If you or your kid feels that everyday’s stress and pressure is affecting your mood and desire to excel, then the following three health tips for kids will help you change from the negative state to a very positive mood.

  1. Health tip 1: Do not stay up late: Neither you or your kid should stay up late no matter how many thoughts you have in your mind. It is best to allow for some time to relax before you go to sleep. Read a few pages of a pleasant book, do some yoga exercises and/or whatever else relaxes you. A good night’s sleep helps you and your kid to achieve the right psychological mood.
  2. Health tip 2: Sing more often: Kids and parents should sing wherever they want, in the bathroom, in the car and why not in the park. When you sing you release endorphins in the brain that make you feel good. In addition, by singing, you allow more oxygen to enter the blood and this helps to improve the blood flow thus again building up the positive feelings,
  3. Health tip 3: Humor therapy: it is much easier for kids to follow this health tip but if you or your child does not know how, see a comedy. Laughter helps among others, for a good night’s sleep and it improves the kid’s immune system reducing at the same time stress.

Health tips for kids are important for their mental and physical health and are definitely easy to be followed.


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