Fitness and Diet lead to a Healthy Life – the 10 commandments against cancer

October 28, 2011

Prevention is extremely important for us, if we are to maintain our health. Exercise that leads to fitness and the proper diet enable us to have our health. It is for this reason that the American Institute of Cancer Research has issued 10 ways/suggestions that will enable us to prevent Cancer and should most certainly become a way of living for all of us. They need to become our habits.

  1. Exercise. You should exercise at least 30 minutes on a daily basis in whichever way possible and easier for you. You should keep in mind that it does not make much difference what type of exercises you follow as long as you practice and keep your body fit and in shape.  Recent studies have shown that athletic activities keep the hormone levels at healthy levels while high levels of hormones increase the risk for cancer.
  2. Avoid. Avoid at all times and at all cost the excessive weight. You should always be around the normal weight level that is proper for your height and age.  Maintaining your Body Mass Index, BMI, at normal levels not only makes you feel good but it is a strong ‘’weapon’’ against cancer and other chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and various heart diseases.
  3. Avoid No. 2.  You should avoid drinks which have high quantities of sugar. Drinks with high sugar content may give energy to the body but if their consumption is high this results to excess calories which in turn demands for more quantities and all leads to a viscous circle resulting to weight gain.
  4. Healthy Diet. You should follow a diet, way of living, which involves high quantities of vegetables, fruits and legumes. According to a recent research, it was shown that consumption of these foods creates among others a shield against several types of cancer, like the one of lungs, pancreas and stomach.
  5. Reduce. Reduce the consumption of red meat.  According to recent studies the excessive consumption of red meat that includes, salami, beacon etc, is directly related to the appearance of cancer of the intestine.
  6. Reduce No. 2. Reduce the consumption of alcohol. It was identified, in several research finding, that excess consumption of Alcohol, especially if associated with smoking, increases the possibility of lung, pharynx and chest cancer. This is because alcohol destroys the DNA and increases the malfunctions and the possibility of cancer.
  7. Salt. Salt makes the food tastier but at the same time, if not controlled and taken in moderation, may be the cause of stomach cancer. What you should always have in mind is that the salt intakes are not only what you put on the food but salt is also contained in various other foods an sweets that we consume daily
  8. Food supplements. Food supplements should be avoided but if you decide to take them, even in the case of innocent supplements, consult your doctor. The doctor will guide you about the type and quantity of the supplement you desire to take.
  9. Breast Feeding. Breast feeding for at least the first 6 months of the baby’s life is essential and healthy for both the child and the mother. Breast feeding increases the mother’s body resistance to breast cancer while at the same time the baby has less chances of becoming obese at this adult age.
  10. Faith. Even in the case of cancer appearance the patients should follow the above prevention rules and have at mind that smoking harms our health seriously.

Cancer is not a disease that just appears on us. It is a result of our diet, our way of living, the level of our fitness and in general the level of health at which our mental and physical part is at. We should therefore follow the right diet, exercise so as to be fit and do everything in moderation.

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