Why you should not sleep right after Dinner; for your Health

October 12, 2011

A recent study has revealed that there is an increased probability for a brain incident for the cases that people go to sleep right after dinner. If however we go to sleep 2 hours after dinner this incident probability decreases by two thirds, 2/3.

How can this 2 hour delay protect us from a brain incident? One explanation is that sleep right after dinner is correlated with increased danger of gastroesaphageal reflux( regression), which in its turn is associated with sleep apnea which is, in its turn a factor of brain incident. One other explanation is that when we eat there is a change in the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood as well as the flow of blood. All of these temporary changes can seriously affect, increase, the probability of brain incidents.

As it can be inferred from the above, it is important to eat early enough so as to give us the minimum of 2 hours before going to sleep and to give our body enough time to digest the food. This will enable you to have good health.

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