Walking for Fitness and Health

October 9, 2011

Walk and walking are two words that are in most people’s vocabulary, especially in the mouth of the people who are into fitness and healthy living and follow a special diet. It should be noted and well understood by all, that walking not only improves your fitness and figure but above all and most importantly it improves our health.

Walking is free and easy. All you need to do it is a pair of shoes and desire to walk. There are many ways that would enable you to walk. You should set a target for the amount of time you should spend on walking. It is suggested that you set as a target to walk 10.000 steps a day. Is it impossible? Not at all. What you need is the desire and the will. Below you will find 15 different ways that will enable you to meet the target without even knowing it! Remember the Chinese philosophical words, ‘’ A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step’’.

  1. Parking your car. Instead of parking your car right outside the door of your workplace, find a parking place that is a few blocks away, that may be free, that gives you the chance to walk a few minutes back and forth to work every day.
  2. In the waiting room. If you find yourself waiting for a doctor’s appointment of any other appointment, take advantage of the time and instead of sitting doing nothing walk up and down the room or the corridor.
  3. Going to the toilet. If you are to go to the toilet in your house or workplace use the toilet that is distant and not very close to you. Even a few steps extra count.
  4. Supermarket walk. In the supermarket make it a must to pass from all corridors before going to the cashier.
  5. Lunch break. Take advantage of your lunch break to walk. Do not use your car to go to a restaurant. Walk to the nearest cafeteria or dinner or restaurant. Not using your car means not only that you walk for health but you also avoid frustration that is against health.
  6. Television. Hide the remote control and get up to switch channels. An even better suggestion is to go for a walk instead of watching television.
  7. Waiting for the kids. If you are to pick up your kids from school or from sports, instead of waiting in the car, take a walk around the block. If you are going to drop them somewhere and later on pick them up, in say an hour, instead of going back home and returning in an hour, plan for an hour’s walk.
  8. Taking the bus. If you take the bus daily, get off a stop earlier than your stop and walk your way to your destination.
  9. Brushing your teeth. While brushing your teeth walk on the spot.
  10. Shopping. If you have to go to the nearest convenient store to get milk and bread, walk, do not take the car.
  11. Delivering a message. If you are to deliver a message to a colleague or friend deliver it personally instead of calling or texting.
  12. During calls. At home or at work, walk while talking over the phone.
  13. Going to school. If you live near the school, walk your kid to school instead of taking the car.
  14. Walking after dinner. Instead of watching TV after dinner, make it a habit to walk. This not only helps in the digestion but gives quality time for the family.
  15. Romanticism. If you want to show how romantic you are, choose a walk in the park or in nature versus a dinner. It is healthier and cheaper.

As one can see there are many occasions that we can take advantage and WALK. Does this make the 10.000 steps per day possible? Definitely yes.  So walk for your health and fitness

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