Fitness and proper diet lead to a strong Heart

October 5, 2011

An unhealthy diet, the lack of physical exercise, the daily burden, stress and sadness are a few of the ‘’weights’’ we add to our heart. These have a bad impact on our heart, put our heart to stress and they weaken it. Below there is a list of 6 simple ways, that can become part of our diet and fitness routine, and can make our heart stronger and fitter thus make us healthier.

 1. Drink Milk.

 Research done by the American Heart and Lungs Institute has revealed that those people who consumed more than 3 portions of dairy products, milk, yogurt or white cheese, within the day had lower blood pressure than those who did not. High blood pressure not only damages the arteries but causes heart and brain incidents. It should be noted here that the recommended dairy products are the ones with low fat.

 2. Try new Physical exercises.            

One form of physical exercise that has been proven to reduce significantly the blood pressure is the Chinese tai chi, a form of martial arts. The same may apply to other forms of martial arts or physical exercises, forms that you may have not tried before.  This is the reason it is important to try different forms of exercise.

3.     Eat Fish

 If palpitations are frequent and repetitive then this is not a good sign for the health of the heart. You can return a normal heart pulse if you eat fish. In a research done by the Harvard Medical school it was proven that people who had fish more than 5 times a month, as the Mediterranean diet suggests,  had on the average 3.2 less heart pulses per minute than those who had fish just once a month. Scientists report that the basic intake from the fish is the valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

4.     Pomegranate: the miracle and medicinal fruit

During the last years more and more researches confirm the medicinal properties of the pomegranate. By consuming the seeds or drinking the juice of the pomegranate you create a heart protective shield that helps your health. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences revealed that the pomegranate juice reduces the cholesterol by 30% while in parallel to this there is an increase in nitrate oxide which is beneficial to the heart. So if you cannot find fresh pomegranates drink their juice.

5.     Take deep breaths

 One can control the pulses and rhythm of the heart simply by breathing slowly.  You can control your hear pulses by taking 10 deep breaths per minute for about 15 minutes. This helps the heart to stay normal and pump the blood normally and steady.

 6.     Laugh from your heart for your heart

 The medical school of the University of Maryland in Baltimore has published the results of an interesting research they performed. According to the research all of those who have seen a comedy had a better blood circulation versus the ones who have seen a drama movie. These scientists suggest that 15 minutes of laugh per day is the right ‘’medicine’’ for a strong heart.


So if you want to have a strong heart follow these 6 simple guidelines and you will soon see the results of a strong heart and a healthy life.          


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