Get rid of the summer weight with the right diet

September 23, 2011

Summer is a nice season and the season people usually take their vacation. Due to the fact that the daylight period is increased, this increase the daily activities of people, socializing, the mood of people and off course their diet. The night outings, the relaxed vacations and the various festivities that usually entail food and/or drinks are the ways of socializing. It is therefore expected that by the end of the summer most of us would have gained 5-6 pounds. At this time the buzzwords diet and fitness come into our mind.

The end of the vacations and the back-to-school period finds us with some extra weight, the desire to lose weight, the beginning of a diet and our psychology in the down site. It is important to keep our mood and psychology at high levels, think positively and calmly set new targets about our diet and fitness. Our aim should be to lose this extra weight the soonest but without jeopardizing our health and our fitness.

The sudden, strict and starving diets, the so called ‘’yo-yo’’ diets, even though they promise quick loss of the extra weight they cannot guarantee the stabilization of the results while that the same time they put in danger our health.  Every attempt for losing weight should be done in cooperation and in close monitoring of your dietician. The various diet plans, the magazine articles or the word of mouth advises cannot guarantee that we will reach the desire results.

Below you will find 9 new targets in your diet, so as to lose these extra summer weight. Note that diet in general terms means, a way of life and this why we give targets and do not lay down a diet plan.

Nine (9) new targets of your diet

  1. Eat two salads a day, about 1lb of green vegetables a day
  2. Consume  about 50 fluid ounces of water
  3. Eat fruits as the in-between meals snacks. About 5 a day
  4. Always prefer fish and non-fat meat
  5. Exercise 4 times a week for about 3 months. Aerobic exercises should be preferred or at least 45 mins of walking
  6. Reduce the consumption of soft-drinks, ice-creams and coffee.
  7. Prefer whole grain cereals, brown rice and bulgur
  8. Avoid fried French fries
  9. Reduce the calories you consume daily to less than 1400

If the weight that you want to lose is more than 5-6 lbs you should seek consultation by an expert and trained dietician, who should prepare a diet plan for you.

Remember that diet means a way of life, a way of eating and it is important that the diet we will follow to lose the extra summer weight should not deprive from us anything. Since the deprivation symptom enables over-eating by sending the wrong signals to the body and this results to the psychological denial for the diet with all the known negative results, extra gain of weight.

Please remember that Diet and fitness neat a plan and discipline.

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