Back to school: the right diet for Healthy Kids

September 13, 2011

As the new term school year starts, get set with a few key items for kids’ meal times, snack times and clean-up times. It is important for their diet to be right so as to ensure their health and happiness

It is essential to start right: Eggs, cereal and milk is a cracking way for kids to start the school day. Remember exercises at school make them fit and fitness needs energy.

Cereal: Choose a no-fuss, tasty, low-fat cereal that you know your kids will enjoy and one that will provide important nutrients such as B-vitamins and iron. That way you can ensure they go out the door with nutritious food in their tummies, perfect for getting them ready for the day ahead

Fresh milk: The fresh milk that you will select for your children should be filtered to remove more of the bacteria that turn milk sour, which means it lasts for longer than ordinary milk. Once opened, it should stay fresh for several days. This way kids can enjoy a fresh breakfast every day

Eggs: Choose eggs from producers who make sure that their hens are kept happy, that is they have farms with wide open spaces and trees so that hens can play, ensuring every egg is tasty as the next. Eggs are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Eaten for breakfast they can keep you and your kids fuller for longer.

Back to school then with the right diet for healthy, happy and full of energy kids

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